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CBSE Class 10 - Social Science - Economics NCERT Notes


The chapter introduces students to the concept of development and management of resources such as land and soil. We also learn about the concept of sustainable development and ways of measuring development through various common indicators for education, health and income.

Money and Credit

The chapter introduces students to concept of money as a means of transaction, store of value and how trade used to happen with barter system before currency was introduced. We also learn about how banking system works and essentials of debt structuring for Indian economy.

Sectors of Indian Economy

The chapter discusses various sectors of Indian economy and highlights the how an economy transitions from a primary to tertiary sector as it develops. We highlight specifically the Indian economy and learn about its key features. We also classify industries based on various factors and discuss employability in the Indian setup.


The chapter highlights how globalisation impacts the society around us and how various MNCs opt to engage in a globalised world for their profit making. We also learn about the positive and negative role of globalisation for Indian and other developing economies and discuss fair globalisation.

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