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CBSE Class 9 - Social Science - Geography NCERT Notes

India - Size and Location

The chapter notes will assist you in gaining an understanding of India's geographical range, location, and time zone. Students will get an understanding of the geographical characteristics that facilitated India's engagement with the rest of the world through trade and commerce, as well as its role as a responsible player in South Asia for India's neighbours.

Drainage System of India

The chapter notes will assist you in comprehending drainage patterns and will provide an overview of Indian drainage systems. We shall study the important rivers of India, their paths, tributaries, and significance. Additionally, you will learn about lakes, their significance, the economic role of rivers, and river pollution towards the chapter's conclusion.

Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

The chapter notes will introduce students to India's different bio-forms ranking it the 12th mega bio-diversity country in the world. In the chapter you will learn about various factors that affect vegetation and wildlife of a region, types of vegetation cover, threats to flora and fauna and steps being taken for conservation of biodiversity.

Physical Features of India

The chapter notes will familiarise students with India's primary geographic features, including mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus, and islands. The notes will assist students in comprehending the process of Indian landmass creation, which includes the rise of the Himalayas, the deposition of alluvium, formation of deltas and coastal plains to plateaus that ere the oldest landmass in Indian subcontinent. 

Climate of India

The chapter notes will familiarise students with factors that affect climate and weather. The notes will also introduce students to atmospheric circulations and movement of ITCZ along with phenomenon such as ElNino and Western Disturbances. We will also learn about India's climatic patterns, seasons and the arrival and retreat of monsoons in India.

Population of India

The chapter notes will help you understand population size and distribution, population growth and processes of population change, and at the end, characteristics of the population. You will also learn about India's population policy and key indicators that characterise Indian population.

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