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CBSE Class 9 - Social Science - History NCERT Notes

The French Revolution

The chapter notes introduce students to the social and economic situation in 18th century that led to the end of monarchy in France. It also discusses important influences on French society and the spread of liberal ideas in Europe. It sets the stage for Rise of Nationalism in Europe.

Nazism and Rise of Hitler

The chapter notes cover Hitler's rise to power and Nazi politics. Additionally, we comprehend the plight of children and women in Nazi Germany. You'll learn how schools were used to teach Nazi youngsters and how concentration camps were utilised against Jews throughout the chapter. Additionally, it shows facts about Nazism and how they denied numerous minorities the right to life, instilled anti-Jewish sentiments, and waged war against democracy and socialism.

Pastoralists in the Modern World

The chapter notes include information about nomadic pastoralists and their way of life. Additionally, we will learn about the influence of pastoralism on societies such as India and Africa, the impact of colonialism on their life, and how they have dealt with the pressures of contemporary society.

Socialism in Europe and The Russian Revolution

The chapter notes introduce students to the beginning of socialism in Europe which raised questions of economic equality and led to Russian Revolution. It also discusses changes brought by the Soviet government for the workers and peasants after the revolution .

Forest Society and Colonialism

The chapter notes describe the expansion of industry and urban centres, the construction of ships and railways, and the increased need for timber and other forest products. Additionally, we will learn about new forest use restrictions, novel ways of organising the forest, colonial control, and how forest regions were mapped, trees classified, and plantations formed. These notes will provide background information on similar developments in India and Indonesia.

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