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Current Affairs

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Amrit Pal Singh Arrested | The Khalistan Issue

A prominent Sikh preacher; Amritpal Singh faces arrest over alleged anti-national activities as tensions rise amidst the Khalistani movement

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Methane Global Tracker Report | UPSC | One Young India

A thorough analysis of the International Energy Agency's Methane Global Tracker Report, its major conclusions, and the importance of lowering methane emissions

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The Boom in the Indian Tea Industry | UPSC | One Young India

India has implemented a number of measures to increase production, develop a specialised brand for Indian tea, and guarantee the wellbeing of the families involved in the tea sector.

The Seventh Schedule

Analyzing the working of the Seventh Schedule, the concerns it raises, and potential recommendations for a more balanced federal structure

What is Hindu Growth Rate? | UPSC | One Young India

A thorough analysis of the Hindu rate of growth, its historical setting, and the most current issues brought up by former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan

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