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Ensuring India's Energy Security and Negative Carbon Emissions

Bhavya Khushwaha - Indraprastha College for Women , Delhi University

This model policy document is divided into two parts:

1. Energy security of India

2.Negative Carbon emissions.

Although both the topics are interdependent on each other, the division is for the sake

of clarity.

Energy Security of India - Current Status and Problems

The IEA (International Energy Agency) defines energy security as the uninterrupted availability of energy at an affordable price. Energy is one of the most fundamental driver of economic development and growth for any country as all the three sectors of economy- agriculture, industry and service sector require energy in some form or the other. This makes energy security a very important policy issue for any nation. Provision and access to electricity at a minimal price is basic in the 21st century. With population increasing exponentially along with consumerist behavior among the masses, the demand for energy has risen several fold exceeding the supply levels.