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CBSE Class 10 - Social Science - Political Science NCERT Notes

Power Sharing

The chapter discusses the reasons behind power sharing and case studies of 2 countries namely Belgium and Sri Lanka. We highlight the methods of power sharing in the two countries; one with accomodation and the other with majoritarianism. We also learn various ways in which power is shared between different actors.

Democracy and Diversity

The chapter introduces how diversity needs to be accomodated in a democracy to ensure equal representation for all sections of the society. We learn about the case of blacks in America and how social differences overlap and cross cutting across these differences.

Political Parties

The chapter introduces the role of political parties in a democratic setup and specifically highlights the Indian political parties, their challenges and suggestions for resolving their issues.

Challenges to Democracy

The chapter discusses the challenges faced by a democracy in its expansion, deepening along with fundamental issues. We also learn methods of political reform that can enhance a democracy.


The chapter introduces the vertical sharing of power between different levels of government at Central and State Levels. We also learn about decentralisation of power in a federal country and types of federalism with special focus on different levels of power distribution in the Indian context.

Gender, Religion and Caste

The chapter discusses different aspects of how Gender, Religion and Caste affect politics in the Indian context. We also learn about how the various forms of social division lead to discrimination and their accomodation in democratic politics.

Outcomes of Democracy

The chapter evaluates democracy as a political system and contrasts between other systems of political control. We highlight the limitations and benefits of a democracy and learn how a democracy promotes equality, enhances the individual's dignity and quality of decision-making process, provides a mechanism for resolving disputes.

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