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What We Do?

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Curriculum Enrichment

We research, enrich and develop contemporary and correlative curricula to build critical 21st-century skills, breed curiosity and provide a deep and authentic learning experience

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Improving Learnacy

Our engagement methodology and programs motivate individuals to consistently learn, do their own research and develop the capacity for lifelong learning

Swagat Yadav

 "Let's think beyond literacy and standardised curriculum to give our gifted and talented students a significant edge in life"

Founder, One Young India

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Shivani Chaudhary

Abhinav Yadav

Harsh Bagaria

Head of Partnerships & Mentor Relations

Research & Product Development 

Content Development & Marketing

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Select Mentor Profiles

Abhijit Kane

Co-Founder, Postman

Kanishk Chandra

Senior Associate, CIBC

Anirudh Tapuriah

Chief of Staff, Smartworks

Schitij Kulshrestha

Envisioning Specialist, Microsoft

Anshul Vikram Pandey

Co-Founder, Accern

Shweta Balasubramoni

Founder - Vistaar Associates

Jahnavi Meher

Partner, Rootbridge

Vinay Sarda

COO, Happy Spaces

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