About One Young India

Started in 2018, we are an education forum for young leaders to engage in meaningful, correlative and enriching learning experiences. Our programs are designed for holistic development and skilling for 21st-century careers. 

We offer dynamic workshops to help our students make sense of the disruptions around the world and help them correlate with their standardized textbook education

We strive to deliver academic excellence and leadership programs to our students. We believe that students in today's knowledge economy need to be taught to learn and their education should not be limited to attaining a degree or diploma.

Swagat Yadav

 "Let's think beyond literacy and standardised curriculum to give our gifted and talented students a significant edge in life"

Founder, One Young India

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Shivani Chaudhary

Abhinav Yadav

Harsh Bagaria

Head of Partnerships & Mentor Relations

Head of Business Development

Content Development & Marketing

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