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Model NITI Aayog

A "Think Tank" For One Young India 

Policy Making 101 | Leadership | Problem Solving | Critical Thinking | General Awareness | Current Affairs


Subject Focus

International and Indian Economy |
International Relations and GeoPolitics | Science, Technology and Innovation 


Dates : 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th September 2023 (Sundays)

Time : 10AM to 1PM

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What happens at Model NITI Aayog?


Policy Analysis

Participate and critically analyse important public policies on topics such as International and Indian Economy, climate change, energy security, disaster management, international security, urbanisation, innovation, law and order, healthcare, financial inclusion among others. 

Moderated Discussions

Moderated peer discussion around topics of contemporary relevance and essential world affairs impacting our VUCA world. 


Model NITI Aayog is a 4-day public policy bootcamp for youth aged between 13-25 years.


Designed as an educational tool, the bootcamp introduces participants to India-centric policy dialogue and development studies. During the course of the bootcamp, participants are also introduced to essential general awareness and current affairs


What do Participants Learn?

The participants learn key skills in policy analysis, rational research, critical thinking, advocacy and leadership along with a focus on general awareness and current affairs. 

What is the outcome of the bootcamp?

All participants are given an opportunity to produce and publish an original white paper at the end of the program. Each participant is expected to work on a 'Model Policy Document' which must be submitted within a month of finishing the bootcamp.

Participants are also expected to furnish suggestions and inputs to draft policy documents under consideration currently. 

Model NITI Aayog

Get a holistic view and a better understanding of the world around you.

Model NITI Aayog provides a platform for informative dialogue to school and college students.

 Model NITI Aayog allows academic analysis of policy issues in an informal framework.

Model NITI Aayog instils a balanced, unbiased and academic thought process among participants

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How is Model NITI Aayog structured?

Model NITI Aayog is a rigorous certificate program modelled around important contemporary developments which are shaping India and the world. During the course of the program, participants are introduced to important concepts and skills such as rational analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.  


The program is facilitated through moderated debates, group discussionsquizzes and polls. The program also engages participants in classes on current affairs and essential world affairs

Bootcamp Schedule

Session 1

Introduction  & Foundation

  • Foundations of Public Policy Making 

  • Bringing Play Into Policy


Session 3

Dialogue for Development

  • Infrastructure & Environment

  • Science & Tech Developments

  • State of The Economy


Session 2

Research and Analysis

  • Anatomy of White Paper

  • Analysis Methods


Session 4

Dialogue for Development

  • Governance and Strategy

  • Foreign Policy 

  • Welfare Policy

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Our admission team will review your application before sharing the next steps for admission to the program. 

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The '4E' Philosophy


Educate and introduce students to the policy-making process and develop critical thinking skills in the process.

Evolve into an informal community for proactive participation in public policy.

Engagement on issues of contemporary importance through simulations, debates, discussions, thought experiments and strategic puzzles

Enrich dialogue and improve participation of youth in public policy by providing a platform for the expression of academic analysis and rational opinion.

Untangling The Threads of the TikTok Ban's Impact On Global Trade via Trade, Technology, and Diplomacy

Pendency in the Legal Justice System - Case Study of India

Electricity: The backbone of an integrated energy system

Affirmative Action In India: A New Paradigm

IoT in Governance: Smart Feedback Systems For A Better Future

The Role of Mental Health in Shaping Young Adults’ Positive Attitude and Emotions for Holistic Development: The India Scenario

Model Policy Papers
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