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Dates: 1st -4th June 2024

Eligibility : Grades 9 to 12


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Workshops on Diplomacy, Public Policy, 21st Century Skills


Diplomacy simulation for aspiring future leaders. With focus on consensus based approach the simulation teaches negotiation and research skills.

Interdisciplinary Program for 

21st Century Skills, General Awareness and Leadership

Bringing Play into Policy

Leadership program with focus on interdisciplinary curriculum, policy making, problem solving and critical thinking

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Registration Deadline : 26th May 2024

Delegate Fees : Rs 15,000
(Inclusive of Taxes, Lodging and Food)

Note : Delegates must arrange for their own transportation


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What Happens at Summer Symposium?

Why Join Us?

Learn from experienced faculty

Join us at the upcoming symposium, an enriching fusion of knowledge and experience, where students have the unique opportunity to learn from the esteemed faculty of FLAME University and the inspiring mentors from One Young India.


Our carefully curated program is designed to offer an unparalleled educational experience, combining the academic excellence of FLAME University's experienced faculty with the practical, real-world insights of One Young India's mentors. This is a perfect platform for ambitious students to gain valuable knowledge, develop new skills, and connect with leading professionals in their fields. Be ready to immerse yourself in an environment of intellectual stimulation and collaborative learning that promises to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Improve your skills and build your resume

Embark on a transformative journey at our symposium, certified by FLAME University, designed to elevate your skillset and enhance your resume. Dive into a series of dynamic workshops, engaging simulations, and challenging activities tailored for holistic development.

  • Model G20: Step into the shoes of world leaders in our student diplomacy simulation. Develop your understanding of global economics and politics while honing your negotiation and public speaking skills.

  • Model NITI Aayog: Engage in our public policy workshop that mirrors the real-world intricacies of policy formulation. It's a unique opportunity to understand and solve pressing national issues.

  • Learnacy School: Participate in enlightening discussions focusing on current and significant topics like climate change, blockchain in governance, scientific breakthroughs, and ethical science. These sessions are designed to broaden your perspectives and understanding of global issues.

Each of these elements is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning. You'll emerge with not just enhanced skills and a richer resume, but also with a deeper understanding of the complex world around us.

Meet likeminded bright students 

At our symposium, we take pride in bringing together the brightest and most dedicated students from around the country. This gathering is not just an educational experience; it's an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, each one an aspiring leader.

Immerse yourself in this unique spirit of collaboration and intellectual camaraderie. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange perspectives, and learn the tricks of the trade from aspiring students who share your passion and drive. Whether your interest lies in entrepreneurship, academics, or international initiatives, you will find a community of individuals eager to discuss, collaborate, and grow alongside you.

Join us, and be part of an exclusive network of exceptional minds, all converging with a common goal of learning, innovation, and global impact.

Delegate Fees : Rs 15,000
(Inclusive of Taxes, Lodging and Food)

Note : Delegates must arrange for their own transportation


Educational simulation based on G20 Summit for young leaders aspiring to navigate international leadership, strategy, policy making, negotiation and diplomacy.


Delegates compete in debates representing various member stands based on research and current affairs.


Each country is represented by 10 delegates representing 5 working groups on topics of contemporary importance such as:


  • Environment and Climate Sustainability

  • Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Navigating Digital Economy

  • Adopting Circular Economy

  • Social and Financial Inclusion


Delegates work on Consensus Based Approach to reach a final agreement that is released as a declaration.

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Delegates learn about defining political and economic events, breakthrough technologies, important disruptions and gain essential skills to supercharge your academic profile and become a confident student.


Delve into an intensive Bootcamp to gain functional knowledge about contemporary world affairs and essential 21st-century topics.


As an outcome of the workshop, select delegates working in groups get an opportunity to present their ideas to all delegates in the form of an intractive talk where the delegates share important lessons that are shaping our future and our present worldview.


During the course of the workshop students also learn important skills necessary to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and work on case studies that helps them have an academically defined world view.


Model NITI Aayog Workshop is a transformational experience designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand public policy's nuances.


It's an opportunity to engage with like-minded peers, debate on significant issues, and contribute to shaping a better future for India. Whether delegates aspire to be a policy analyst, a public servant, or a leader in the business or non-profit sector, this workshop will provide you with a solid foundation in public policy analysis and development studies, enhanced by a deep understanding of current affairs and general awareness.



The workshop employs engaging formats like moderated discussions and interactive sessions to deepen your understanding. In moderated discussions, you'll delve into contemporary issues affecting our VUCA world, fostering a nuanced perspective on global and local challenges.


Interactive sessions encourage active participation, enabling you to refine your policy development and strategic thinking abilities in a collaborative environment. This blend of content and format ensures a rich, informed, and practical learning experience, setting the stage for effective policy engagement and leadership.


Delegates will finally present their assigned challenges to all present.

Schedule and Agenda

Delegate Fees : Rs 15,000
(Inclusive of Taxes, Lodging and Food)

Note : Delegates must arrange for their own transportation

Agenda and Itinerary 

June 1,  2024

Till 3 PM

Arrivals, Registration and Distribution of Delegate Kits

7-8 PM

Ice Breakers and Speed Networking

4-7 PM

Campus Tour, Orientation and Scope of Challenges and Events

8 PM

Dinner and Talent Showcase

June 2,  2024

9 - 11 AM

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address by Chief Guest and Vice-Chancellor, FLAME University

4-8 PM

Model NITI Aayog 

Introduction to Public Policy and India Centric Development Dialogue

11 AM - 3 PM

Learnacy School

World 101 Masterclass through Interdisciplinary Case Studies

8 PM

Dinner and Networking

June 3,  2024

9 AM - 8 PM

Model G20 Simulation 

Training followed by Debates, Presentations and Adoption of Declaration framed during the simulation

8 PM

Dinner and Networking

June 4,  2024

9 AM - 12 PM

Analysis of General Election 2024

Reflections on future of India and student led discussions on the future of India

12 PM Onwards
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