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Mock Interviews

Simulated Interviews with Mentors to Build Confidence

  • 1 h
  • Starting at ₹5000
  • Online Meetup


Our mock interviews prepare you to present your best version for college and early career interviews. Our mentors design your mock sessions by mapping your profile and your career goals. We cover all aspects of your professional and personal experiences around which conversations can flow in a real interview. We ensure you feel confident answering any question you're asked and have the right skills to navigate the interview in a stress-free and comfortable manner. We help you prepare for real interviews by coaching for current developments in your area of interest so that you're able to present a cohesive personality and project your ability to connect the dots. Our Mock Interview program is based on the idea that practice and preparation are essential for overcoming anxiety during an interview. Our simulated interviews are performed by industry specialists who have an average of 10+ years of interviewing experience. As a result, you'll have a better probability of getting accepted into your dream university or landing your early-career jobs. Advantages of Mock Interviews 1. Interview Preparation Strategy 2. Critical Problem Solving 3. Strong Interview Skills 4. Interview Readiness 5. Constructive Feedback 6. Behavioral Interview Questions

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