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Sarvesh Prabhu

" It was a wonderful 7-day course in which I learnt about a lot of things ranging from geopolitics to sciences.

 I also learnt how interconnected things gave me a different worldview and a holistic education which is not available in the formal sector"

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Khanak Lashkari

"The program was designed in such a holistic manner that it opened my eyes to a number of possibilities and opportunities out there.

It was so different and diversifying, we studied ranging from geopolitics to math to leadership. It has given me the direction to understand the world from a different perspective."


Tamanna Dharamsey

​​It was limitless, boundless learning and it was an unbelievable amount of fun because you get to interact and do it with other people. 


We learnt how to innovate, how to present, how to create, how to think differently about life, leadership and obviously about how we learn"

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Ananya Sethia

" It inspired me to make an effort to be aware of what's happening around me and to be curious in general.


The way it is taught is very fun and captivating and after every session, I would eagerly wait for the next session"

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Krisha Mehta

" It was absolutely amazing. The way technology was used to deliver so many concepts and ideas were very new and interesting to me.


It inculcated within me the perspective of doing your own research and having your own opinions to have a global and holistic view of what is happening around me. "


Aarav Raina

" It is a brilliant program. I really enjoyed it.  The concept of studying with the help of technology is really amazing.

I learnt a lot through the different modules. Absolutely loved it and would recommend it to everyone aspirational student out there"

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What Our Students Say

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Education In Action Web Page (4).png
Education In Action Web Page (4).png
Education In Action Web Page (4).png
Education In Action Web Page (4).png

What Happens at One Young India

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