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Geography Geniuses

Explore how geography alters your perspective of the world

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Understand geography's impact on complexities of geopolitics, geoeconomics and the problems and opportunities it presents. Explore how geography alters your perspective of the world. Our coaches design each session by mapping major issues in world politics and economics that can be attributed to geography. The classes help students appreciate the natural phenomenons such as El-Nino and its impact on economies, the geostrategic importance of chokepoints, the occurrence of natural resources and associated acts in geopolitics that are shaping our contemporary world. Our curriculum is researched and enriched each month around the following modules: 1. Future of Agriculture 2. Climate Change 3. Natural Systems & Phenomenon 4. Smart Cities / Urbanisation 5. Environment and Us 6. NEWS through Maps 7. Natural Disasters and Mitigation 8. Strategic Choke Points 9. Mapping the World 10. Virtual Tour to Important Sites

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