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Solicitor General Of India

India's Attorney General reports to the country's Solicitor General. For a three-year term, the Indian Solicitor General is appointed. Several Additional Solicitors General of India assist the Attorney General of India, and the Solicitor General of India serves as the country's secondary law officer.

The Solicitor General and the Additional Solicitors General advise the government and appear on behalf of the Union of India in accordance with the Law Officers (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 1972.

On the other hand, the offices of the Solicitor General and Additional Solicitors General are purely statutory, in contrast to the Attorney General for India, who is a constitutional officer under Article 76 of the Indian Constitution. Article 76 makes no mention of the offices and appointments of the Solicitor General and Additional Solicitor General.

Tushar Mehta Is the Current Solicitor General of India, appointed on 11 October 2018. He has been given a full three-year extension, beginning July 1, by the ACC.

Responsibilities And Functions

The Law Officers (Conditions of Service) Rules, 1987 define the Solicitor General of India's and other law officers' responsibilities.

  • To advise the Government of India on such legal matters as the Government of India may refer or assign to him from time to time, and to perform such other legal duties as the Government of India may refer or assign to him.

  • To appear on behalf of the Government of India before the Supreme Court or any high court as required in cases (including suits, writs petitions, appeals, and other proceedings) in which the Government of India is a party or otherwise interested.

  • To act as the Indian government's representative in any Supreme Court referral brought by the president pursuant to Article 143 of the Constitution.

  • To carry out any other duties assigned to a Law Officer by or under the Constitution or any other applicable law. The Attorney General of India's restrictions also applies to the Solicitor General of India.


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