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Teaching for Curiosity at One Young India

One of the major principles that drives human civilization is curiosity. It is in ignition of this spark of curiosity that teachers play a critical role and guide learners to explore their education. Unfortunately, education for most people has direct correlation only to attainment of a degree and its quality is judged by grades on a mark-sheet. This system of education cripples the learner and limits the curiosity of the student to the fixed curriculum in textbooks.

In the Indian context, this system of education has an additional unique challenge where 15 year old students are asked to decide their career which in most cases is invariably guided either by their parents or by their score in an examination. This cycle of choosing and limiting learning to a specific subjects robs students the opportunity to learn for curiosity. As a result, we come across school students who do not know much about North-Eastern Indian states because it is not in their textbooks!!

One can find numerous examples of this limited knowledge among students and this trend is reflective in the inability of most students to comprehensively understand the world around them and make sense of its impact on their everyday lives. Learning for most students is an uninspiring process and becomes a burden repelling them from their textbooks.

To counter this uninspiring learning system, One Young India has designed correlative curriculum for different age groups which aims at engaging students with developments around them. The programs at One Young India are carefully aligned with school curriculum and creatively collaborate for curiosity among our students.

For us, teaching is a creative profession with the aim of igniting the spark of curiosity. To facilitate this learning process One Young India programs uses simulations, debates, discussions, seminars and live projects. We believe that in today's digitized world, there is no dearth of information for students but they need to be taught their proper utilization. It is this with objective that we are inviting applications for our following programs:

To conclude this post, we'd like to share this beautiful quote about teaching in today's time.

“ If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey


Applications to One Young India programs start on 15th August 2018.


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